General Terms

1. Booking

Booking at Galiani Hostel may be made via internet at, e-mail:, through a tour operator or by phone: +359 879/594974. and You are to specify the day of arrival, stay period and payment procedure (With cash at  front desk, via credit card, bank transfer or voucher)

Regardless the way of booking, information on nationality, personal and family names of the guests, dates of arrival and departure, phone numbers and e-mail, room type and count and guests count, must be provided.

1.1 When booking in less than three days prior to arrival, the guest is obliged to pay only by cash or Pay Pal at front desk upon arrival, for the entire stay, regardless of length. 

1.2. When booking in more than three days prior to arrival, customers pay a deposit equal to the value of the entire stay. Galiani Hostel reserves the right to pre-authorise the customer’s card, the payment for the entire stay.

 1.3. If a booking exceeds 200 BGN, the customer is required to pay a deposit of 200 BGN, the rest at front desk reception.

1.3. When a booking at a 20 or more, per cent discount off the standard price is being made, such booking is considered a “Non-Refundable” deal. Such “Non-Refundable” deals require the price for the entire stay to be paid upon making the booking, and where “No-Show” or “Cancellation” occur, NO REFUNDS apply.

When booking
via credit card or Pay Pal, the customer covers all service fees under paragraphs 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4.

made over the phone or through e-mail are regarded as forming of agreement relations. Paying, the guest is considered to have fully understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

Possible for the hostel payment options are: Pay Pal, cash at front desk reception, via credit card or by bank transfer. The hostel accepts: Visa, Master Card, American Express. 


2. Cancellation policy/No Show

Cancellations are made by e-mailing the hostel at: “No-show” is considered a cancellation for the entire reservation.


3. Possibilities and Conditions for Reversals or Refunds:

 On cancellation, apply the following rules:  

- Cancelling in 3 or more than 3 days prior to arrival, the guest is  reimburse the whole amount paid.

- Cancelling in less than 3 days prior to arrival, the guest will be charged 100% of the deposit paid.

- In a case of partial “No-show” in a group reservation, the group is obliged to pay for the accommodated people, and a two-nights’ stay of the people that did not show up.

 - In a case of early check out guests must pay for all the nights they have booked.

 - In a case of “No-show” the client’s credit card will be charged not only the deposit, but for the whole booking. 

- When unable to accommodate, the hostel is obliged to provide equal or higher level accommodation at another hostel. 


4. Changing a Reservation

Changes may only be made once free of any charges. Every additional changes will be charged 20 BGN. 


5. Responsibility  

Upon confirming  a reservation, You therefore agree and take responsibility for any loss or damage, any taxes and expenses on a reservation being changed,  any travel and tourist fees, health problems, weather changes, walk-outs and any other unpredictable occurrences that might reflect the reservation plans. By taking this responsibility You agree to cover any potential expenses that may result from the above mentioned.

In case of “No-show” due to Force Majeure situations (fire, floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, etc..) guests will not be charged. Evidence for such Force Majeure situations are available to the open public.


6. Checking In  

Upon check-in every guest must present a valid ID (International Passport/ ID). Guests are accommodated by their name, booked room type, and stay length - information which guests receive upon confirmation of a booking. When reserving via tour operators and the payment is made to them, the customer is obliged to present a valid voucher,  issued by the respective tour operator (with which the hostel has an existing, valid Agreement).  

- Check-in time is  12:00h until 00:00h;
- Check out time is 11:00h;

LATE CHECK-INS (on demand): If guests must check-in after Front Desk Reception working hours, a fee of 10 EUR is charged;

EARLY CHECK-OUTS: In case of early check-out no refunds apply.

Upon booking at Galiani Hostel, the guests are provided information on the availability and prices of rooms.


7. Galliani Hostel reserves the right at any time to check the welfare and integrity of the property in their rooms and good condition. In open injury, the client will be fined the amount of tort, as his reservation may be terminated prior to the satisfaction of the Manager, without refund amounts paid by the customer. 

8. Galliani Hostel reserves the right in case the open set of client another client who has not paid the night, the first will be forced to pay the night, as his reservation may be terminated prior to the satisfaction of the Manager without restore amounts paid by the customer. 


9. Galliani Hostel reserves the right in the event that Customer violates any of the public order in any way and this leads to discomfort and complaints from other customers, its reservation may be terminated immediately, at the discretion of the trustee, without pay are reimbursed of client funds.

10. In all rooms of Hostel Galliani smoking is strictly prohibited. Smoking in the hostel is a serious offense and as a consequence may lead to eviction of the offender.

11. Illegal substances of any kind is strictly prohibited in the hostel Galliani. In their opening should immediately expel and prosecute.

12. Galliani Hostel reserves the right to refuse access to the building of the persons apparently abused alcohol or drugs / drugs /.

13. In the hostel are not allowed animals with the exception of licensed dogs.

Each user is required to inspect and verify / sign the content of the Terms and Conditions before using the services of a hostel Galliani, and it is familiar with the rules and general rules.
All disputes and legal issues outstanding with these Terms and arising in connection with the use of Hostel Services, Galliano are mandatory provisions of the laws and judicial system of Bulgaria.

Ivani Tour Ltd. reserves the right to unilaterally amend the content of the General Conditions.

Ivani Tour Ltd. keeps their right to make any changes in regard to the General Terms. All potential guests are obliged to read the general terms carefully and to agree with them every time and make sure they are familiar with all rules and terms.

All arguments and legal questions that are not mentioned in the General Terms section and may occur while using the services provided by Galiani Hostel both sides should refer to the decrees and laws issued by the Judicial System of the Republic of Bulgaria.